Sandala represents the publishing and production arm for all major lectures/discourses, classes, and writings of Hamza Yusuf. Our goal is to produce high quality materials that reflect the true essence of the Islamic tradition. We wish to develop a relationship of true care and trust with our friends and supporters. No member or customer will ever be turned away for lack of funds, as our goal has always been to share this teaching with anyone who sincerely wants it, irrespective of faith, background, or socioeconomic conditions. Our communities include those blessed with wealth and those burdened with poverty, and none should be neglected.

In an era where consumers are literally consumed by high prices, marketing gimmicks, and products engineered for obsolescence, we wish to embark on a personal relationship with all of our members and supporters that is based on high quality products available to all regardless of their costs. We believe this is a sustainable and humane model because so many of you have shown such support despite our products being bootlegged, pirated, and uploaded on the internet for anyone to view for free.

Our products will remain at a cost that enables us to remain committed to excellence, stay in business, and yet remain affordable, God willing. Proceeds from the online store and classes will go towards educational programming, product development, and publications. Sandala’s business practices are based on the fair trade model where products are not produced with any exploitation, and all transactions are handled ethically and with the high moral standards so beautifully exemplified in the every day life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him.